Hago Energetics revolutionizes green hydrogen production using cow manureHago Energetics revolutionizes green hydrogen production using cow manure

Hago Energetics revolutionizes green hydrogen production using cow manure


The team at a new ag-tech startup — Hago Energetics — has made it a goal to address the looming problem of global warming by offering farmers a way to convert their farm waste (mainly cow manure) into sellable products.  

Hago Energetics’ product comes in the form of a facility that would be installed on farms that utilize the startup’s technology. Each facility breaks down leftover cow manure and feed into a biogas, which is then converted into an environmentally-friendly, valuable hydrogen, which is also known as green hydrogen, and carbon — a solution that also increases profits for farmers, as the product can be sold and turned into energy and fertilizer for surrounding towns and properties.   

Hago Energetics is one of six startup companies that participated in DFA’s 2022 CoLAB Accelerator program, a 90-day immersive program to grow ag-tech startup businesses.  

“The best part about the CoLAB Accelerator program for us was the connections to DFA and its industry partners,” says Wilson Hago, Ph.D., founder and chief executive officer of Hago Energetics. “DFA was instrumental in helping us connect with several biodigester companies, and DFA was persistent in helping me hone the message of Hago Energetics and how we need to tell our story to our customers.”  

In the coming years, Wilson envisions Hago Energetics’ facilities on dairy farms across the world. Hago Energetics is currently participating in pilot programs to test its technology on several U.S. dairy farms, and Wilson says he aims for on-farm deployment soon.  

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