Our cooperative

We are a purpose-driven cooperative, working to enrich communities and consumers' lives through all the possibilities of dairy. And at Dairy Farmers of America, we understand that these possibilities go beyond the traditional dairy case. They mean providing opportunities for rural communities to thrive, sharing nourishment to those in need and preserving natural resources for future generations. From our family farmers and field staff to product developers and finance teams, every member of our organization plays an essential role so that together, we can share the simple pleasures of real dairy with families everywhere.
People working together in the officePeople working together in the office

Our cooperative

We are a purpose-driven cooperative, working to enrich communities and consumers' lives through all the possibilities of dairy. And at Dairy Farmers of America, we understand that these possibilities go beyond the traditional dairy case. They mean providing opportunities for rural communities to thrive, sharing nourishment to those in need and preserving natural resources for future generations. From our family farmers and field staff to product developers and finance teams, every member of our organization plays an essential role so that together, we can share the simple pleasures of real dairy with families everywhere.

How we're structured

DFA is an organization of local, family farmers from across the country, which means that we're owned by the family farmers we passionately serve. Divided into seven geographic Areas, our grassroots structure ensures every farmer-owner is represented through elected farmer-leaders at all levels of Cooperative governance. This grassroots structure is overseen by a 48-member Board of Directors.

“From accountants and HR professionals to food scientists, drivers, on-farm field staff, machine operators and more, our employees each play a critical role in supporting our family farmer-owners. Across hundreds of locations throughout the country, and even a few overseas, we work together to bring our farmer-owners value and nourish families around the world. It’s a shared purpose we all believe strongly in.”

Dennis Rodenbaugh, President and CEO
Dennis Rodenbaugh speaking at a conferenceDennis Rodenbaugh speaking at a conference

How we work

We have an incredible team of employees who bring our mission to life every day. Take a minute to discover what makes our culture so special and check out our open positions.
people relaxing in the officepeople relaxing in the office


Randy Mooney
Chairman of the Board
Randy and his wife, Jan, operate Mooney Dairy in Rogersville, Mo. Randy was elected chairman of DFA’s Board of Directors in 2010 and is a member of DFA’s Executive Committee. He also is chairman of National Milk Producers Federation and serves on the boards of Missouri State Milk Board, Dairy Management Inc., Hiland Dairy and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. In 2010, Randy received the Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors Foundation Dairy Leader Award, and in 2011, he received the Missouri Governor’s Award for Agricultural Achievement. In 2014, he was recognized for his leadership in the Missouri dairy industry with the Missouri Dairy Legacy Award, and was named Director of the Year by the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives. In 2019, he received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from Missouri State University.
Randy Mooney Randy Mooney
Dennis Rodenbaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer, Dairy Farmers of America

Dennis has served as president and chief executive officer of DFA since June 2022. Dennis has served in numerous leadership roles since joining DFA in 2007, including vice president and chief operating officer of the Mideast, Mountain and Western Areas. In recent years, he served as vice president of DFA and president of council operations and Ingredient Solutions, with responsibility for overseeing U.S. milk marketing and Farm Services, along with the 23 commercial manufacturing plants and global marketing operations of DFA’s Ingredient Solutions Division. He also serves as chairman of Newtrient, vice chairman for the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, on the executive board of directors for National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), on the board of directors for Global Dairy Platform and on the boards for several other DFA fluid milk affiliates. Prior to joining DFA, Dennis had extensive background in banking and finance, as well as ownership and management of dairy farms.

Dennis Rodenbaugh Dennis Rodenbaugh

Board of Directors

Central area

Craig Edler
Craig, along with his wife, Katharine, son, Cameron, and daughter, Cali, owns and operates a 550-cow dairy farm. The farm also consists of 1,800 acres of crops, a milling company, custom harvesting, custom heifer raising and manure injection businesses. Craig is a former DFA Young Cooperator, and he and Katharine have been in the dairy business for more than 40 years.
Craig Edler Craig Edler
Randy Koller
Randy milks 40 cows, raises steers and farms 290 acres of alfalfa, corn and soybeans, with the help of his wife, Carma and their two children, Marissa and Jon. He has served in several farmer-leader roles in the Central Area, including on his Area Resolutions Committee and the Corporate Resolutions Committee. Randy chairs the Pepin County Dairy Promotion Committee and serves as treasurer of the Pepin County Farm Management Club, which honored the Koller family with its Outstanding Farmer of the Year award in 2016. Randy previously served on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, as well as 20 years on his church council. He has also done broadcast radio sports for over 30 years.
Randy Koller Randy Koller
Lilah Krebs
North Dakota
Lilah began dairying in partnership with her husband, Alan, in 1989. Together with their two daughters and son, they milk 80 dairy cows and own and operate 5,000 acres. Additionally, the Krebs raise 350 beef cows and 160 sheep. Lilah is active in the industry, serving as a director on several boards, including American Dairy Association of the Midwest and North Dakota Beef Promotion Commission, where she promotes the beef side of dairy. Lilah received the North Dakota Milk Producers Association Merit Award in 2014.
Lilah Krebs Lilah Krebs
Byron Lehman
Byron, along with his wife, DeDee, daughter, MeLissa, and son-in-law, Steven, farms 1,000 acres of land and milks 230 cows on Le-Dr Dairy. Byron has served on Midwest Dairy’s division board since 1998 and on its corporate board for more than 10 years. In addition, he served on the United Dairy Industry Association board as a delegate for 10 years and one term on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. In 2010, Byron received the UDIA Service Award for 10 years of dedicated service.
Byron Lehman Byron Lehman
Doug Nuttelman
Doug farms 2,500 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa, milks 250 cows and finishes about 2,000 Holstein steers each year with his three sons. Doug is chairman of the Central Area Council and a member of DFA’s Executive Committee. In addition, he serves on the National Milk Producers Federation board and the Nebraska Dairy Council. Doug is a recipient of the Proud to be a Nebraska Farmer Award.
Doug Nuttelman Doug Nuttelman
Tom Oelrichs
Tom is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. In partnership with his brother, Randy, and nephew, Russ, they milk 100 Holstein cows and farm 1,200 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, grass and alfalfa on their century farm, O-Rich Dairy. Tom previously served on DFA’s Corporate Resolutions Committee from 2008 to 2013, the Corporate Governance Review Committee in 2017 and the Base/Excess Study Committee in 2018. Additionally, Tom serves on the board of directors for Midwest Dairy Association and Missouri Dairy.
Tom Oelrichs Tom Oelrichs
Kristine Spadgenske
Kristine and her husband, Mark, began dairying in 1994 with 60 cows in a rented barn. Today, they milk 350 cows and grow their own haw and corn for feed on the farm. Kristine and Mark’s four children, Kate, Adam, Seth, Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Jen, all help out on the farm. Kristine has been a member of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the Minnesota Dairy Leaders Roundtable, DFA Young Cooperators and served as president of Bethany Lutheran Church. She currently serves on the Minnesota Division Board, Midwest Dairy Corporate Board and serves as a Runeberg Township clerk. In her free time, Kristine enjoys photography, playing piano and singing.
Kristine Spadgenske Kristine Spadgenske

Mideast area

Bill Besancon
Bill, a third-generation dairy farmer, has been dairying since 1980. Bill and his wife, Sandy, have four children — Brett, Beth, Doug and Greg — and nine grandchildren. All still help on the farm, with Brett and Greg helping full time on the operation. The family milks 200 registered Holsteins at Wil-San Farm and farms 300 acres, growing alfalfa and corn. Bill has served on DFA’s Corporate Resolutions Committee for 16 years, has been a member of the Ohio Dairy Producers Association for 12 years and joined American Dairy Association Mideast in 2018. Bill is an active member of the community, coaching eighth grade basketball. He has been a member of the Wayne County Farm Bureau, Ohio Holstein Association, Holstein Association USA and St. Mary’s Church.
Bill Besancon Bill Besancon
Greg Gibson
West Virginia
The Gibsons milk 80 cows in a hybrid operation, which combines grazing with conventional management techniques. They raise all their replacement heifers and grow alfalfa, corn and oats. They are a West Virginia Century Farm. Greg is a member of Preston County Farm Bureau, Monongahela Conservation District and the Salem Church of the Brethren. Greg is a Mideast Area Legislative Committee member and an American Dairy Association Mideast board member.
Greg Gibson Greg Gibson
Larry Griffith
Larry is a fourth-generation dairy farmer currently in partnership with his eldest son, Chad. They have 150 registered Holsteins on their 200-acre farm, Southern-Hills Holsteins. The family markets breeding stock nationally and internationally, and has sold cattle and embryos worldwide. Larry and his family show and judge at local, state and national shows, and they farm alfalfa, corn and wheat. Larry is a board member for American Dairy Association Mideast and Ohio Dairy Producers Association. He previously served as a DFA delegate for 12 years, in addition to several industry leadership roles.
Larry Griffith Larry Griffith
Bryan Hull
Bryan, a second-generation dairy farmer, milks 225 cows on 500 acres on his farm in Fenwick, Mich. Bryan took over Hull Dairy Farm LLC with his wife, Janet, in 1976, and their two daughters and grandkids now help with day-to-day operations. The Hulls grow corn and hay, and they also raise angus calves and replacement heifers. Bryan is the secretary of the Mideast Area Council and a board member of the Dairy Marketing Program Scholarship Committee at Michigan State University.
Bryan Hull Bryan Hull
Jeff Raney
Jeff, in partnership with his wife and son, manage and make all of the feed for a herd of registered Holsteins on 300 acres. Jeff serves as chairman of the Mideast Area Council and is on DFA’s Executive Committee. He also serves on the National Milk Producers Federation board, is vice chairman of American Dairy Association North East and is chairman of the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program board.
Jeff Raney Jeff Raney
Kevin Stockwell
Kevin farms with his wife, Lisa, and his son and daughter in law, Kyle and Ashley. His father, Lynn, started the farm in 1958 with 10 cows. They now milk 700 cows and farm 1,000 acres. Kevin has been in the dairy industry his entire life. He is a member of the Prairie Heights FFA Alumni Association, Stroh Church of Christ and Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals.
Kevin Stockwell Kevin Stockwell
John Wuebker
John milks 180 cows on 675 acres on his farm in Saint Henry, Ohio. He runs John Wuebker Farm with his wife, Nancy, and their nephews. John holds leadership positions on the Ohio Dairy Board and the American Dairy Board. He previously participated in DFA’s Young Cooperators program and served as a delegate for DFA. John and Nancy were awarded the Mideast Young Couple award in 1998.
John Wuebker John Wuebker

Mountain area

Brad Bateman
Brad, in partnership with his three brothers, milks 7,500 cows and farms 3,500 acres, growing corn silage and small grain silage on a double-crop rotation. The farm, Bateman’s Mosida Farms, started in 1972 with 120 cows. Brad, who is a fourth-generation farmer, began dairying in 1982. He has served on the Utah governor’s agriculture board, the Western States Dairy Producers Association since 1996 and on the Utah Dairy Association since 1994, also serving as a past president. The dairy received the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award in 2016.
Brad Bateman Brad Bateman
Brian Hardy
First Vice Chairman
Brian owns and operates Tuleview Holsteins with his family. Together, they milk 2,000 cows on three different dairies and farm 1,800 acres of corn, alfalfa and wheat. They also raise all their own replacement heifers. Brian has been active on many boards, currently serving on the National Milk Producers Federation board and as chairman of DFA’s Mountain Area Council. He is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee. He previously served with Utah Dairymen’s Association, Bear River Valley Co-op and several agriculture-related committees for Utah State University. He is a past president of the South Box Elder County Farm Bureau.
Brian Hardy Brian Hardy
Chris Kraft
Chris, his wife, Mary, and son, Stratton, own and operate two Holstein dairies in Fort Morgan, Colo., where they milk 5,600 cows and farm 900 acres. Chris serves as vice president of the Fort Morgan Reservoir and Irrigation Company board, secretary of the Jackson Lake board, chairman of Colorado Dairy Farmers, the state’s political action committee, and is involved in the Morgan County Farm Bureau. Chris also served on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission for six years.
Chris Kraft Chris Kraft
Rick Podtburg
Rick, along with his wife, Carol, and sons, Greg, Marcus and Wade, milk 7,000 cows at two locations and farm 4,000 acres of corn and alfalfa near Greeley, Colo. Rick and his family also operate a 4,000-head feedlot where they finish out the steers and crossbreds from the dairy. Rick is the first vice chairman of the Mountain Area Council and is chairman of Dairy MAX and on the Dairy Management Inc. board of directors.
Rick Podtburg Rick Podtburg
Ron Shelton
Ron, along with his wife, Debbie, sister, Ruth, and sons, Jason and Paul, manages a 2,800-cow, family-owned dairy in La Salle, Colo. In addition to raising corn and alfalfa, they also run a cow-calf operation and small feedlot. Ron has served as treasurer for the Mountain Area Council for 16 years. He also has served on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board and is a member of the Dairy MAX Western Dairy Association Promotion Board.
Ron  Shelton Ron  Shelton
Jim Withers
Jim milks 500 cows on 1,000 acres at Double J Farms, in partnership with his wife, Juliene, and their two sons. Jim and Juliene began their dairy operation in 2011, when Jim purchased the operation from his former employer. Jim holds several leadership positions within the dairy industry, including serving as a chairman for the Dairy Producers of Utah, sitting on Utah’s Governor's Agriculture Advisory Board to represent dairy, serving as chairman of the Brand Board for the State of Utah and more. Jim served as Millard County Commissioner for eight years, and he was chairman for three of those years. He was awarded Millard County Conservation Farmer of the Year in 2013.
Jim Withers Jim Withers

Northeast area

Bruce Bartley
Bruce is a fifth-generation farmer and has been dairying since 1980. In partnership with his wife, Teresa, their son, Brandon and his wife, Rachel, Bruce milks 50 cows and grows corn, soybeans and alfalfa on 350 acres. Bartley Dairy Farm, which has been in the family since 1849, also raises its own replacements. Bruce currently serves as a director on the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program board. Bartley Dairy Farm was recognized as a 2014 Dairy of Distinction by the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program.
Bruce Bartley Bruce Bartley
Tom Bellavance
Tom, a first-generation dairy farmer, and his wife, Janet, began dairying in 2000, and he has since grown his operation to more than 900 cows on 1,800 acres at three locations of equal size. He raises the majority of his dairy’s replacement heifers, and he also grows all of his own forage. Tom is currently the chief executive officer and board member of AG Venture Financial Services, Inc. Previously, Tom was vice president of the Farm Credit System for 17 years, and he served on the board of directors for the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery prior to its merger with DFA.
Tom Bellavance Tom Bellavance
Travis Fogler

Travis milks 990 cows in partnership with nine family members on their 2,500-acre operation, Stonyvale. Their farm houses Maine’s first methane digester, which produces enough electricity to power as many as 800 households and heat 300 New England homes. The family received the Maine Dairy Farm Family of the Year Award in 2008. Travis is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee.

Travis Fogler Travis Fogler
Dean Handy
New York
Dean’s Handyhills Farm is an eighth-generation bicentennial farm, owned and operated as a joint venture with his brother, nephew and their wives. Handyhills milks 120 cows and has 1,000 acres of corn, beans, alfalfa and grass for forage. Dean serves on the local school board and is a graduate of the LeadNY program.
Dean Handy Dean Handy
Todd Hathorn
New York
Todd, a third-generation dairyman, milks 1,100 cows on 3,000 acres at Ivy Lakes Dairy. He began managing the dairy in 1980 and introduced three younger partners to the business in 2013. Todd serves as the DFA Northeast Area Council vice chairman and as a director for the Greater Rochester Health Foundation. Ivy Lakes Dairy, formerly Hathorn Farms, has been named a Dairy of Distinction by the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program since 1980 and has been recognized by the Empire State Milk Quality Council with the Super Milk™ Award since 1998.
Todd Hathorn Todd Hathorn
Jerrel Heatwole
Jerrel and his wife, Alma Jean, have been dairying since 1984 on the farm started by her grandfather. On Fair Hope Farms, they care for nearly 200 livestock, milk about 70 cows and manage a broiler operation. He serves as treasurer of DFA’s Board of Directors, is a member of the Executive Committee and is chairman of the Northeast Area Council. Jerrel is active in dairy promotion and other dairy-related boards. He is also involved as an elder at Hickory Ridge Community Church.
Jerrel Heatwole Jerrel Heatwole
Harold Howrigan
Harold and his wife, Bet, a longtime elementary teacher, are the sixth generation on their family farm. Harold is in business with his brothers, Lawrence and Michael, his three sons and three nephews. They milk on four dairies, approximately 350 cows on each, and raise all of their own replacement heifers. The family also has a large maple sugaring operation. Harold serves as co-vice chairman of the Northeast Area Council, as treasurer of the New England Dairy Promotion Board and was recently inducted into the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame.
Harold Howrigan Harold Howrigan
John Kline
John milks 60 Holstein and Jersey cows on his farm in Myerstown, Pa. He runs Diamond Valley Dairy LLC with his three sons and wife, Sharon. Family involvement is key to his operation’s success — the family strives for high-end genetics and high-quality milk from their herd. John served on the Corporate Resolutions Committee for 11 years and served on the Northeast Area Council for three years. He currently holds a leadership position on the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotions Program, and he has received multiple awards from the National FFA Organization.
John Kline John Kline
Frank Messersmith
Frank’s family has operated Triple-M Farms for five generations. Frank milks 85 cows, owns a small beef operation and farms more than 750 acres of corn, oats, alfalfa and more. He has served as a delegate for Dairylea and DFA for more than 20 years.
Frank Messersmith Frank Messersmith
David White
New York
David, in partnership with his brother and son, milks 500 cows and grows grass and corn silage on 1,100 acres. He served as vice president of the Dairylea board, sat on Dairylea’s resolutions committee, and participated in the Dairylea Young Farmers program. He was awarded the Pride of Dairylea Award in 2006, and his operation, Cabhi Farm, has been named a Dairy of Distinction by the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program for 25 years. David also serves as the town supervisor for the town of French Creek and is the chairman of the administrative board for his local church.
David White David White
Lyle Wood
New York
Lyle is a fourth-generation dairy farmer in Clayton, N.Y. He became a partner of Wood Farms in 1993, and he milks 1,300 cows with his wife, Jennifer, and business partner, Scott Bourcy. In addition to roles with DFA, Lyle also served in leadership positions with Dairy One from 2010–2022.
Lyle Wood Lyle Wood

Southeast area

Judd Chambers
Judd, a third-generation dairy farmer, operates Douglas Chambers Dairy, which was started by his father in 1973, with his mother, one of his sons and six employees. Together, they milk 450 cows on 1,800 acres, and they raise most of their own replacement heifers. Judd also bales hay and harvests ryegrass and sorghum for silage. He is on the Georgia Farm Bureau Dairy Advisory Committee, serves as secretary of the American Dairy Association of Georgia, is president of the Jones County Farm Bureau and is the Pitts Chapel Church pastor parish relations chairman.
Judd Chambers Judd Chambers
Kent Herman
North Carolina
Kent and his brother operate Herman Dairy Farm, and they are assisted by Kent’s son, Colby, and son-in-law, Clayton, in milking 450 cows. They have a 400-cow-and-calf beef operation and raise 275,000 chickens. In addition, they plant row crops and hay on more than 1,000 acres and manage 850 acres of pastureland. Kent is a member of the boards of the American Dairy Association of North Carolina and Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc., and he serves as chairman of DFA’s Southeast Area Council. Kent is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee.
Kent Herman Kent Herman
Jennifer Leech
As herdsman on Ingleside Dairy Farm Inc., Jennifer is responsible for caring for cows on the dairy and completing financial book work. The dairy includes 320 Holsteins and 2,000 acres of rented and owned land. Six robotic milkers and an automatic calf feeder are currently used on the third-generation dairy. Jennifer works with her parents, brother and three full-time employees on the farm. She formerly served as a delegate and Southeast Area Young Cooperator Steering Committee member. From 2009–2020, she served as coordinator for the Virginia Dairy Princess Program, and she was a fellow for Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) in 2016.
Jennifer Leech Jennifer Leech
Matt Johnson
Matt milks 1,400 cows at Providence Dairy in partnership with his father and uncle in Climax, Ga. They purchased the farm in 1999 and grew the operation from 250 cows. They triple crop 1,000 acres of corn for silage, sorghum and ryegrass. Matt served as president of Dairy Cooperative Marketing Association, is president of Georgia Milk Producers and serves on the U.S. Dairy Export Council trade policy committee. Matt and his wife, Laura, have two daughters, Selah Rae and Ada Marie.
Matt Johnson Matt Johnson
Brian Rexing
Brian and his wife, Ranell, operate New Generation Dairy with 1,200 cows and farm 3,500 acres, growing corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa. Brian is a fourth-generation farmer and has been active in DFA’s Young Cooperator and Emerging Leaders programs. Brian is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee. He is the vice president of Evansville Young Dairymen. In 2010, Brian received the Indiana Dairy Producer of the Year Award. Brian and Ranell have four children.
Brian Rexing Brian Rexing

Southwest area

Buster Goff
New Mexico
Buster, his wife, Beverly, and son, Jason, operate two neighboring dairies — one with 5,200 Jerseys and one with 5,500 Holsteins. Buster also has 12,000 acres of ranch land where he raises beef cattle and buffalo. In addition, he farms more than 3,000 acres of crops on a pivot irrigation system. Buster is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee.
Buster Goff Buster Goff
Larry Hancock
Larry and his family started dairying in Muleshoe, Texas, in 1978, with one heifer that calved in the truck. He, along with his son, James, and his daughter, Lela, now milk 4,000 cows in three barns and farm 5,000 acres. In 2020, Larry was named chairman of the U.S. Dairy Export Council. He also sits on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board and is a proud grandfather.
Larry Hancock Larry Hancock
Neil Hoff
Neil milks 150 cows and farms 160 acres of wheat for hay. He serves as chairman of United Dairy Industry Association’s board, is on the National Milk Producers Federation board and is on the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy board representing Dairy Management Inc.
Neil Hoff Neil Hoff
Eric Palla
New Mexico
Eric is a second-generation dairy farmer, who, along with his wife, Megan, and in partnership with his parents, milks 11,000 cows on three facilities in New Mexico. Eric's family raises all of their own replacement heifers and has also ventured into beef and dairy crosses. Eric represents DFA on the Greater Southwest Agency board. Additionally, he is on the advisory boards of Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science and New Mexico State University’s Science Center. Eric was a director of COBA/Select Sires for 12 years.
Eric Palla Eric Palla
Dan Senestraro
Second Vice Chairman
Dan and his partner, Clayton Winger, milk 3,600 cows and raise their heifers in southwest Kansas. The farming operation includes 1,600 acres of wheat, corn and sorghum. In addition to his duties as second vice chairman of DFA’s Board of Directors, Dan is a member of DFA’s Executive Committee, a member of the National Milk Producers Federation board and is the chairman of DFA’s Southwest Area Council and the Greater Southwest Agency. Dan also serves his church, as well as a variety of civic and charitable organizations.
Dan Senestraro Dan Senestraro
John Woelber
New Mexico
John owns and operates H.A.W. Farms with his wife, Holly, and son, Luke. First-generation farmers, the Woelbers grow 1,000 acres of feed and raise their own replacements on their 2,800-cow operation. John has served as vice president of the New Mexico Dairy Producers board and as secretary for DFA’s Southwest Area Council, where he has been active on the corporate Fluid Marketing and Public Policy Committee, as well as the hauling, membership, finance and plant committees. He currently serves on the Membership and Farm Services committee. The Woelbers were named New Mexico Farm Family of the Year in 2014 and were honored with the VIVA Award from the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry in 2006.
John Woelber John Woelber

Western area

Melvin Medeiros
Melvin has been dairying since 1981 on the farm started by his father. In 2007, Melvin and his wife, Kelley, started Medeiros Holsteins to diversify their operations and capitalize on the opportunity to market milk through DFA. All three of Melvin’s sons work on the 1,600-cow dairy, with his two oldest also owning their own dairies. The operation also functions as a market for its purebred Holstein genetics. Melvin’s youngest son manages the 550 acres of double-crop wheat and corn to supply all the dairy’s silage needs. Melvin serves as chair of the Agricultural Council of California’s Dairy Committee, and sits on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the California Cares and Environmental Justice Fund Committee. He is also chairman of DFA’s Western Area Council and a member of DFA’s Executive Committee.
Melvin Medeiros Melvin Medeiros
Pete Olsen
Pete is in partnership with his two brothers milking 2,500 cows and farming 1,700 acres of alfalfa, corn and rye at Hillside Dairy, which has been in business for over 100 years. Pete is also in partnership with two of his sons on their 650-cow Jersey dairy. He is actively involved in his local community, serving as chairman of the Churchill County Commissioners and the Churchill Economic Development Authority.
Pete Olsen Pete Olsen
Leroy Ornellas
Leroy joined his father in dairying in 1970. Currently, he and his wife, Jennie, have help from their three sons and their families on the operation. Together, they milk about 900 cows and farm 700 acres of corn, oats and alfalfa. Previously, he served on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, was a member of the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality board, served on the Sutter Tracy Hospital board of trustees and was appointed by California Governor Pete Wilson to the San Joaquin Fair board. Leroy was the City of Tracy Chamber of Commerce Agriculturist of the Year in 1993 and was the 2010 DFA Western Area Member of Distinction.
Leroy Ornellas Leroy Ornellas
Perry Tjaarda
Perry, in a partnership with his wife and parents, milks 3,200 cows. He also grows wheat and corn for silage, raises all his own replacement stock and farms almond trees on 900 acres. Perry served on the California Milk Advisory Board and as dairy chairman for the Kern County Fair. He is also a member of DFA’s Executive Committee. He and his family were named DFA Members of Distinction for the Western Area in 2009.
Perry Tjaarda Perry Tjaarda
Paul Van Warmerdam
Paul and his wife, Sonya, are third-generation dairy farmers milking 3,800 cows in California’s central valley on three different dairies. On the farm, they raise all of their own replacement heifers, double-crop 850 acres with corn and winter forage and farm 300 acres of almond trees. Paul serves on the California Dairy Environmental Justice Fund, Dairy Cares and as chairman of the DFA’s Western Area Council Membership and Quality Committee.
Paul Van Warmerdam Paul Van Warmerdam


Alex Bachelor
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and Secretary
Alex joined DFA in 2006 and has served in numerous roles during his tenure, including previously serving as DFA’s chief legal officer.  In his current position, he oversees several departments, including communications, marketing, events and experiences, corporate risk management, ethics and compliance, food safety, quality, and regulatory services, government and industry relations, and human resources.  Alex also has leadership responsibility for executing certain enterprise-wide decisions and initiatives, which drive DFA’s culture and performance.  Additionally, he serves as secretary of DFA’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining DFA, Alex was general counsel of a global business unit at General Electric Capital. He also previously served as a special agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
Alex Bachelor Alex Bachelor
Martin Bates
President, DFA Ingredient Solutions
Martin joined DFA in 2018 after a 25-year career of working with Fonterra™ and other New Zealand dairy cooperatives in a range of roles focused on markets in Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In his current role as president of DFA’s Ingredient Solutions Division, Martin is responsible for the Cooperative’s global ingredients business. Martin has extensive experience working in multiple functions of the global dairy industry, including extended supply chain, operations and manufacturing, customer relations and partnerships and government relations.
Martin Bates Martin Bates
Jon Bebermeyer
Chief Operating Officer, Central Area
In his current role as chief operating officer of the Central Area, Jon is responsible for the overall business operations of the Area. He joined DFA in 2012 and has held various roles, including director of operations and chief operating officer of the Southeast Area. Jon has spent his entire career in the dairy industry with more than 30 years in dairy plant processing and sales, including working for Kroger® and Hiland® Dairy.
Jon Bebermeyer Jon Bebermeyer
Danelle Bender
Senior Vice President and Chief Treasury Officer

Danelle serves as DFA’s senior vice president and chief treasury officer. She is responsible for all of DFA’s banking and capital markets activities, as well as treasury, credit and accounts receivable, accounts payable, capital, real estate and mergers and acquisitions. Danelle manages DFA’s relationships with its lenders, investors and rating agencies. She also serves as the executive sponsor for DFA’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Danelle joined DFA more than 13 years ago, having previously worked for Morgan Stanley’s investment banking division in Chicago and Sprint’s corporate development department. Before joining DFA, she led Embarq’s finance department until it was acquired by CenturyLink®. In 2017, Danelle was recognized in Ingram’s magazine’s 40 Under Forty list. She currently sits on the board of The Children’s Place, a non-profit organization providing support to children and families within the Kansas City community that have experienced traumatic events, as well as on the board of the Kansas City chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). 

Danelle Bender Danelle Bender
Alan Bernon
President and Chief Executive Officer, Dairy Brands
As president and chief executive officer, Alan leads the executive leadership team to ensure the overall health of DFA’s Dairy Brands Division. Since 2008, he served as senior advisor for DFA, providing oversight for varied investments and joint ventures. Alan has more than 45 years of experience in the dairy business, most of it spent in senior level management positions.
Alan Bernon Alan Bernon
Andrew Brummel
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and General Counsel
Andrew currently serves as senior vice president, chief legal officer, and general counsel of DFA. He is responsible for leading the Legal Department, which handles the legal affairs of DFA, including representation of the company and its subsidiaries and affiliates in transactions, disputes and regulatory matters, as well as providing support to all Area offices, commercial divisions, departments and plants. Andrew joined DFA in 2012 and has since served in various roles within the Legal Department. Prior to joining DFA, Andrew practiced law at the international law firm now known as Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP, and began his career at The Boeing Company. In 2015, Andrew was recognized in Ingram’s magazine’s 40 Under Forty list, and in 2011, he was included in its 20 in Their Twenties list.
Andrew Brummel Andrew Brummel
Brent Bunce
Chief Operating Officer, Southeast Area
In his current role as chief operating officer of the Southeast Area, Brent is responsible for the overall business operations of the Area. He joined DFA’s predecessor cooperative Milk Marketing Incorporated (MMI) in 1995 working in field operations, milk hauling and dairy farm inspections. He has held various positions at DFA including roles in transportation, membership services and procurement, and most recently as senior director of dairy procurement for the Dairy Brands Division. He also served in milk supply, operations and procurement roles for Dean Foods. In addition to his role at DFA, Brent sits on the operations committee for Dairy Cooperative Marketing Agency and Common Marketing Agency.
Brent Bunce Brent Bunce
Rob Byrne
Chief Food Safety Officer
As chief food safety officer, Rob leads the Cooperative’s enterprise food safety, quality and regulatory services functional area. Prior to joining DFA, he served in leadership roles in the area of food safety, quality assurance, regulatory and science for National Milk Producers Federation, International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and most recently with Schreiber®Foods as vice president of industry and regulatory affairs. Rob is active in the industry, serving as chair of IDFA’s Standards and Labeling Committee and as a member on its Food Safety, International Trade and International Standards Task Force Committees, and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s Food Safety Operating Committee. He is also a member of the American Dairy Science Association, Institute of Food Technologists and International Association for Food Protection.
Rob Byrne Rob Byrne
Kristen Coady
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
In her current role as senior vice president and chief communications officer, Kristen is responsible for overseeing the Cooperative’s communications strategy, marketing, brand and messaging development and ensuring effective communication with farmer-owners, employees, consumers, customers and other key stakeholders. She also oversees the Cooperative’s innovation efforts, including DFA’s CoLAB Accelerator and investments in ag-tech and dairy food startups. In addition, she leads farmer-owner development programs aimed at fostering the next generation of DFA and industry farmer-leaders. She also has responsibility for event planning and experiences and DFA’s headquarters administration. Kristen joined DFA in 2007 as a communications associate and has served in a variety of roles within the communications team. 
Kristen Coady Kristen Coady
Corey Gillins
Senior Vice President, Milk Marketing and Membership Operations
Corey has been with DFA since 2004, and he serves as the senior vice president of milk marketing and membership operations. His responsibilities include implementing best practices to leverage efficiencies in DFA’s technologies, logistics, farm practices, sustainability, talent development and customer engagement. Previously, Corey has filled the roles of chief operating officer of DFA’s Mountain Area; senior director of sales, marketing and operations; director of marketing and operations and Idaho area manager. 
Corey Gillins Corey Gillins
Keith Gomes
Chief Operating Officer, Mideast Area
Keith is responsible for leading milk marketing activities and overseeing business operations in the Mideast Area. Keith has more than 30 years of dairy industry experience in various roles, including executive roles at three food cooperatives. Most recently, he served as chief executive officer of Tree Top, Inc., a fruit cooperative in the Pacific Northwest.
Keith Gomes Keith Gomes
Jack Haak
Chief People Officer
With more than 25 years of experience managing human resources functions, Jack leads DFA’s Human Resources Department as chief people officer. He provides end-to-end leadership for all aspects of the people function including talent management, learning and development, talent acquisition, executive and total compensation and rewards, employee and labor relations, employee engagement and organizational development. He fosters an environment where people are engaged and empowered to deliver on our mission to deliver value to our family farm-owners as a global dairy cooperative. Jack joined DFA in 2007 as director of human resources, administration and benefits. Previously, he served as senior vice president of human resources, where he held strategic responsibility for the human resources function, with a primary focus on shared services.
Jack Haak Jack Haak
Jeff Hurley
Chief Information Officer
As chief information officer, Jeff leads the information technology team (IT) and is responsible for the transformation, application implementations, portfolio management, continuous process improvements and program delivery across DFA. Prior to joining DFA in 2015, Jeff spent 29 years with Dean Foods in various roles, including vice president of IT corporate functions.
Jeff Hurley Jeff Hurley
Brad Keating
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Northeast Area
New York
As senior vice president and chief operating officer of the Northeast Area, Brad has served the Northeast Area in a number of positions, including chief operating officer of both Dairy Marketing Services (DMS) and Dairylea Cooperative Inc. He played an integral part in the formation and operation of DMS. Brad entered the dairy industry on the processing side of the business, where he worked at Sorrento Cheese and was responsible for purchasing and milk procurement.
Brad Keating Brad Keating
Jackie Klippenstein
Senior Vice President and Chief Government and Industry Relations Officer
Since joining DFA in 2008, Jackie has led the Cooperative’s public policy efforts and has played an active role in member services and community initiatives. In her current role, she leads DFA’s government affairs and industry relations and oversees the Cooperative’s sustainability strategy and farm practices team. Prior to joining DFA, Jackie spent nearly 15 years in Washington, D.C. as a congressional aide and then representing agricultural interests before Congress and regulatory agencies. She currently serves on the boards of National Milk Producers Federation, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture, National Cooperative Business Association and the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.
Jackie Klippenstein Jackie Klippenstein
Michael Lichte
Chief Insights and Optimization Officer

In his current role as chief insights and optimization officer, Michael guides DFA’s strategic plan and drives performance through aligning DFA’s business units on focused collaborative efforts. Michael has worked with DFA since 2004, and he has previously served in a variety of capacities, like senior vice president of sales and marketing, vice president of milk optimization and customer relations, as well as former positions as a market specialist, market analyst, manager of supply chain systems and analysis, director of dairy marketing, vice president of dairy marketing and business planning, vice president and general manager of dairy powder ingredients and vice president of Ingredient Solutions’ sales and operations planning. 

Michael Lichte Michael Lichte
Julie Lux
Vice President, Ethics and Compliance
Julie joined DFA in 2017 with 20 years of experience in internal audit, compliance and regulatory leadership roles. In her current role of vice president leading the Ethics and Compliance Department, she is responsible for promoting a culture of integrity and ethical decision-making throughout the organization. This includes leading enterprise-wide efforts to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. She also oversees the internal complaint reporting program and investigations into ethics and compliance concerns.
Julie Lux Julie Lux
Shawn Osborne
Chief Operating Officer, Mountain Area

Shawn joined DFA in 2020, and he serves as chief operating officer of DFA’s Mountain Area. His responsibilities include oversight of DFA’s Cooperative-owned transportation fleet, leading milk marketing activities and business operations management and management of Mountain Area Council operations. Previously, Shawn filled the role of director of membership and milk marketing in the Mountain Area. Shawn has more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, and he’s also an active member of the Idaho Milk Processors Association’s Board of Directors. 

Shawn Osborne Shawn Osborne
Pat Panko
Executive Vice President, DFA, President, Dairy Brands North
As executive vice president of DFA and president of Dairy Brands North, Pat is responsible for the Central, Mideast and Northeast regions, as well as the division’s cheese and butter businesses and extended shelf-life groups. Pat has worked for DFA since 2009 and has held a variety of leadership roles, including president of DFA’s legacy Fluid Milk and Ice Cream Division. Prior to coming to DFA, he spent 15 years with Dean Foods, holding several positions, including regional chief financial officer and vice president of finance for the Fresh Dairy Direct Division.
Pat Panko Pat Panko
Kevin Strathman
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
As executive vice president and chief financial officer, Kevin is responsible for all finance and accounting functions, along with information technology and internal audit, and works closely with operating divisions on financial matters. He is also responsible for financial management, reporting and budgetary oversight across the organization, identifying potential risks to the business and providing recommendations for strategies to minimize those risks. He has been with DFA since 2008, serving in a variety of roles, including DFA’s corporate controller, director of internal audit and senior vice president of finance. Before that, he held the position of audit manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP, then divisional controller at Freightquote.com. He currently sits on the board for Harvesters® — The Community Food Network. 
Kevin Strathman Kevin Strathman
Gary Stueve
Chief Operating Officer, Western Area
Gary has more than 35 years of dairy industry experience. He joined DFA in 2003 and has held various roles within the Western Area, including vice president of fluid milk operations and vice president of operations. In his current role as chief operating officer of the Western Area, Gary is responsible for the overall business operations of the Area. Additionally, Gary serves as president of the California Creamery Operators Association.
Gary Stueve Gary Stueve
Tim Theisner
Chief Operating Officer, Southwest Area
In his current role as chief operating officer of the Southwest Area, Tim is responsible for the overall business operations of the Area. He joined DFA in 2000 and has held various roles in the Southwest Area, most recently as vice president, as well as in sales and marketing, and manufacturing ingredients. Prior to DFA, he worked at McCormick & Company. In addition to his role with DFA, Tim sits on the boards for Dairy Products Institute of Texas, Southwest Cheese and Southwestern Cooperative Marketing Agency. He is also manager for the Greater Southwest Agency board.
Tim Theisner Tim Theisner
Edward Tilley
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Beverage and Dairy Foods
Edward is responsible for the overall business and profit and loss for the Beverage and Dairy Foods Division. He began his dairy cooperative career in 1986 with Associated Milk Producers in Tulsa, Okla. He joined Mid-America Dairymen in 1991 and assumed the position of vice president of contract manufacturing and business development after Mid-America Dairymen merged with DFA. Edward has spent his entire career in the dairy industry and has worked with leading food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies for more than 30 years.
Edward Tilley Edward Tilley
Jay Waldvogel
Senior Vice President, Global Development
Jay has more than 30 years of experience in the global dairy industry with leading dairy companies Campina in Europe and Fonterra Co-operative Group in New Zealand. He has held senior positions in finance, operations, marketing, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, sales and general management. Jay currently serves on a number of industry leadership groups and company boards.
Jay Waldvogel Jay Waldvogel
Angela Wiltz
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
With more than 16 years of experience, Angela joined DFA in 2018 as the vice president of human resources for commercial operations. In her current role of senior vice president of human resources, she is responsible for leading teams within the department, including talent acquisition, talent management and HR business partners. Angela works with these groups to grow and develop leaders at every level who deliver excellent business and people outcomes; attract and hire industry talent; and deliver optimal workforce productivity and performance through effective and efficient teams, structure and employee and labor relations.
Angela Wiltz Angela Wiltz